A deionizer produces very low total dissolved solids (TDS) water for very high quality and/or ultra-pure water needs. Synthetic plastic beads are used for ion exchange processes in deionization. The system requires the flow of water through two ion exchange materials. This is so salt contents can be removed. The first water passage removes the calcium and magnesium ions just like normal water softeners however unlike regular home equipment, deionization units further removes all other positive metallic ions. They then replace them with hydrogen ion instead of sodium ions.

For many facilities and industrial applications, high purity water, which is free from ionic contaminants, is needed. Water like this can only be produced by deionization. Our deionization industrial systems are efficient, rugged, pre-engineered, standardized, trusted and effective. Installation and start-up costs are low due to its user-friendly applications. If you have any questions about our deionization systems please give us a call and our representative will provide you with the answers.


  • Soft Water
  • UV Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Water Filters
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